I have a bosss me 50 going into an ibanez tone blaster 60 W (yes i know its solid state) and the distortion always sounds very.. THIN and fake ?
Is there any way i can fix that without buying a tube amp ? Maybe an equalizer pedal ??
Part of the problem will be the ME50. I can't comment on the amp as I don't know enough about it but, what the ME50 is very good at is giving you a wide range of effects/drives/distortions etc to play around with. Some are better in quality than others, but overall they're not all amazing.

To maximise your tone on the ME50 I'd say don't mess around with any of the tone modifying things, and make sure you have the drive settings right. Also use the compression/sustain on it and use the noise threshold to filter out any cack. If things still aren't to your tastes then consider changing things around.
I agree with using the compressor and noise gate on the ME-50, but I find that the tone modification controls help to round out the distortion sounds and make them sound better. Some of the distortions are naff, but the BD-2, "Scream" "Modern" and "Dist+" sound quite good. Clearly, though, anything on there with the word "Metal" in is thin and terrible.
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The only drive settings I use on mine are OD1 and Scream so I can't really comment on the others. Try cranking the "bottom" knob and boosting some low end- should round the distortions out a bit. The compressor/sustainer is seriously noisy and it'll feedback like crazy at high volumes- dialing in a little bit would help though.
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