Hey guys,

I really need some help here. For my uni course we have to do make a 10 minute video on an influential scene/movement, and i thought straight edge would be an interesting topic. Im not edge myself, and most of the sites ive found so far are aimed more at people already involved in the scene.

Can you guys point me towards some sites that have info on the origins and influence of straight edge? Thanks guys i really appreciate it.

Well the term was coined from the Minor Threat song "Straight Edge"
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Well the term was coined from the Minor Threat song "Straight Edge"

Goddamnit I wanted to say that.
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I don't want to sound like a jerk if you're dead-set on this topic, but there's just not much to say about straight edge to fill a ten minute presentation. Indeed it was a movement sparked by the lyrics to Straight Edge by Minor Threat, and the whole idea was carried by more militant bands from Boston (SSD, Negative FX, etc.), but outside of the whole premise, "Don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or sleep around," there's nothing really more to say about it. Sure, people turn/ed it into an obsession but straight edge itself was never really expanded outside of that original idea. There's information floating around about people who hide behind the idea as an excuse to get into fights, but they're such a tiny minority that they'd be negligible if your goal is to talk about straight edge, rather than juicy gossip pertaining to straight edge. The problem with a lot of the information you're going to dig up is that it will either beat the same point to death over and over or it will have been written by morons obsessed with the idea that every single person to ever claim edge wants everyone who is currently drunk, stoned, or smoking dead.

If you really want to write about this, I would recommend looking at some interviews with some people from influential straight edge hardcore bands which you could probably either find on google or youtube, although I'm not going to give you a list to look up (if you're doing this for university I'm not doing the research for you).
It's interesting but yeah just like JxD said theirs not much to talk about being edge. Just like he said try to find interviews with bands that have edge members and see their perception on being edge.

I'm edge but that's because I don't like smoking, drinking or anything along those terms.
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FSU is a straight edge gang on the East Coast (I've seen them in Jersey and I believe it started in Boston). they scare me and I'm edge!
I had originally followed the path of straight edge. I didn't necessarily break by drinking (I'm still drug-free) but I took myself out. If you have to fill a 10 minute presentation, then do it on the history of straightedge. OR, do it about the misconceptions of straightedge. Like it being a gang. A good documentary that is FILLED with misconceptions (as in it really sucks, it's written from a non edge view) is inside straightedge. It's by national geographic. In Connecticut and....Nevada or Oregon I think, it's considered a gang, and if you get an edge tattoo, WHAM, they consider that you're in a gang. But yeah. Minor threat actually has TWO songs about straightedge, straight edge and Out of Step. Good stuff by the way. Enjoy.
Honestly i'd be looking at a movement which is a lot more relevant to what you already know or else your assignment is gonna get patchy.