So recently my Valveking 112 combo has been dying right in front of me. When I turn the clean channel almost all the way up, the sound starts to distort and sound gross. Is that natural because it's the tubes breaking up or is there something wrong? Also I can hear one of the tubes' filament rattling but I can't tell if its one of the tiny ones or one of the ones in the cage (sorry I don't know much about tube amps). How much would it be to replace the tube (for either the tiny or caged one). I'm very thankful for all your answers in advance.
tubes are generally 6-20 bucks. a 12ax7 generally runs 10-12 unless you go NOS. I think it's just the amp breaking up with some dirt at higher volumes. Most do that unless they're super super clean amps.
What you're describing is perfectly normal with any amp, though a tube change won't hurt the valveking since the stock ones are, well, kinda meh.
Also, the tiny tubes are called preamp tubes and the big ones are called power tubes.
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