Alright, well, I've decided I needed a upgrade on my sound, and I've selected a few pedals. I've made a few threads around these forums aswell and I've come across a final selection of pedals.

fulltone fulldrive 2 overdrive
mxr carbon copy delay
fulltone clyde wah
zvex fuzz factory fuzz
electro harmonix small stone phase

Are there any final suggestions before I place my orders?

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Quote by clayman696
You should get a good amp before thinking about pedals

I've already though about an amp; I'm getting a blackstar HT-5 (unless people have suggestions on that aswell?)
what's your budget on the amp? Definitely get a new one before pedals, those will sound like junk through your DA.

fulltone fulldrive 2 overdrive: pretty good. Alse look at HBE paradrive and diamond J-drive.

mxr carbon copy delay: Not a fan of this pedal. Have you considered the Malekko 616 of new deluxe memory boy?

fulltone clyde wah: fantastic wah.

zvex fuzz factory fuzz: I've found this fuzz near impossible to dial in, super noisy, and unstable

electro harmonix small stone phase: Never used it, but heard good things
Quote by Dabestile
has anyone got any suggestions on amps, then?

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Not anything super-crazy.. so like.. £500-600?
I'll mostly be using it for bedroom stuff or little basement jams.
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I don't think he needs a 100W amp for "bedroom stuff or little basement jams"