sounds really good i think, what it really needs is some good vocals. then, it would be ****in epic
i really like the tone. the delay makes it really messy. i think the mix is a little to loud maybe make it quieter and have it gradually get louder at the end. i couldnt hear the second guitar barely at all. it was short not very well developed and a little repetive. but it was a catchy riff and definitely something that could be made into a pretty strong song. maybe add some drums and a bass and make it a little more dynamic.
Sneaky knight Thanks! liked your band, epic vocals!

Anesthetica thank you really much man!
I dont have a drumset though
Thanks again!
why not use a drum machine? i thought it was good but really basic. by basic i mean you havent added all the parts yet. there were a few parts where i felt the tempo was increasing, maybe it was meant to be like that. hard to tell with no drums. keep it up.