my band is having our first gig this friday at our school, nothing big just playing one song. We need advice on whether or not to play the song Holiday by green day. It is our best song and is fun to play but we dont want to seem like posers or something so what do you guys think?
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tbh, holiday won't make you look like posers but it's not a super tricky song so...you'll look impressive to people who don't play the guitar?
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well if that's what you guys enjoy, and what's your best song to play, why not?

i mean, it's about having fun at this stage. as soon as you're going to play big sets you should care about which songs.

I think people rather hear something they know opposed to own stuff.
It's quite a simple song, so I can't imagine people will think you're posers. Just don't dress up like you're straight out of a death metal band to play it.
If it's your best song, and you come from the point of view that the song makes you look like posers... It seems you may indeed be posers, so playing it will be no problem.
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well what are your other songs that you could play, just wondering for the options.
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