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Looks like you've got some work to get all his stuff.
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Gilmourish says:

From the studio album

Fender Stratocaster, neck pickup
- solo; CS-2, Tube Driver, CE-2, Whammy and delay

CE-2 Chorus
- speed 11:00, depth 1:00 (o’clock)

Chandler Tube Driver
- level 11:30, hi 11:30, low 3:00, drive 4:00 (o’clock)

Boss CS-2
- level 2:00, attack 11:00, sustain 11:30 (o’clock)

For the delay, he used a digital delay, specifically a Boss DD-2 Delay. The whammy is a digitech one.

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Not that simple. He uses something like an Octaves pedal too.

That's what the whammy's for. Only really needs whammy and delay.