Anyone got one of these things they look pretty cool for taking traveling or just messing around with, whats the build quality and feel like with them? as compared to full size squire strats.
I got my eye on 1 going for about £70.

Also if anyone got links to any us fender 3/4 id like to take a look at these too please.

The smaller scale guitars usually tend to suffer from intonation issues. As such, they are barely good for kiddie guitars. For travelling? They might be okay, but I would never use one for serious playing.
24' scale is as small as you would want to go......I have somthing you may like. Check my Website.
Durango Guitar Works
Short Scale Guitar
^ a 24 foot scale would be impossibly large to play. going smaller is probably a good idea.

3/4 scale instruments usually arent that great. not because of the scale, but because most are supposed to be beginner instruments for children. i picked up a couple the other day in the store and they were ok. felt pretty cheap, because they were. as a cheap travel guitar, well they would work. just put a bit of effort into getting it set up right and it will be ok. there are other travel options out there, but most are more expensive so probably arent for you.