Hi, I'm looking to buy a new amp, but I need help deciding.
My two options are the Peavey Bandit 112, or the Peavey Vypyr 75.
I want the amp that sounds better.
The amps are both the same price but if there is an amp better than these two i guess my budget is around $400. I mainly play classic rock and blues. I will not go used.
Of those two the vypyr is better. You won't get blues from the Bandit. Still there's better options avaliable and for that kind of money you can start looking a tube amps (which are essential for blues in my opinion).
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Are you playing only in your bedroom, or do you need the volume for practice/gigs?

Anyway, some tube combos around 400$:
- Jet City JCA2112RC 20W
- Bugera V22 22W or Bugera V55 55W
- Epiphone Valve Senior 20W
- Marshall Class 5 5W
- Blackheart Handsome Devil 15W
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for 400 you shouldn't even be looking at those two...

If you do insist on going new, check out the following:

Fender Pro Junior
Marshall class 5

Its a shame you won't go used, it really widens up your options..You could get a fender blues jr for 400 used easy which would be ideal for your situation...a blackstar ht-5 is right outside your new budget at 500, it's a very solid amp for what you want. Peavey classic would also be ideal and within used price range..