I picked up a nice piece of ash yesterday from a local lumberyard and I'm now looking into my options for building my guitar. I wanted to throw out my ideas and see what some more experienced guitar builders think of them.

Due to my inexperience building guitars, I'm going to stick to the strat design- it's fairly simple (in comparison to, lets say a PRS). However, I want to throw in a couple curve balls. First, I want to move all the electronics to the back of the guitar and not need a pickguard (similar to a PRS or Les Paul). Second, I want to run two humbuckers rather than singles. Third, I would like to make it a hardtail with something similar to a PRS or a Gibson as far as the setup (hardware). Lastly, I want to stain the wood mahogany and have chrome/silver hardware.

What are some thoughts on this as far as feasibility for a beginner (though, I work in a carpentry shop on campus, so I have professional wood workers on backup) and especially in regards to using two humbuckers instead of the classic singles.
I'll probably end up buying a used Fender Strat neck and using that instead of building my own.

So, thoughts?
Simple enough. Your gonna need a template for the rear cavity, and for the humbuckers, as well as a pattern bit for your router. Hardtail Just requires a couple holes for the screws. So, not that bad for a first build.
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Just buy the neck

The rest can be done with online guides which will be a more detailed version of the above post.
if you have the equipment and tools at hand, and experience using them, then I don't see why not.
All pretty straight foward, go for it!

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going from single coils to humbuckers is easy enough. www.stewmac.com is a site that can help you out with pick up templates and even the pick ups themselves if need be. placing all the hardware on the back isnt a hassle either. like someone else said theres plenty of blogs on the net which show peoples design processes step by step.