thats awesome dude. intro was sick. loved the parts around 1:30.
and tip of the hat to the unusual chords haha
never seen that before. ever!
keep it up!
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Holy sh*t. That was amazing. As in amazing. I mean....Jesus Christ. If you recorded that and put it on an album, I would sure as hell buy it. And I don't even like prog much. 10/10

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oh i see, heavy man. I'll change that part up then. Don't wanna be stealing your stuff. and btw Abiogenisis is ****ing sick
Really cool, man.

Loved how, in the beginning, you had the guitar fade in before each bar. That was great.
The main riff is awesome.
The tempo change was done very well.
The ending was great. Left me wanting more.

One of the best songs I've seen on this forum... dude, you're ****ing awesome.

Crit mine?
My thoughts.

Very somber, fitting, and a perfect build into the first of the distorted riffs. My only qualm is that it might ritard just a tad too quickly.

Intro pt. ii
Goes without saying that I loved the same part only distorted. This actually reminded me heavily of Cynic.

I also enjoyed the creative rhythm part underneath the main riff. The stuttering rhythms were well executed. Also, the subtle synth strings throughout added a certain subconcious atmosphere to the song. I dug it.

Nice little solo section, and nice use of Rhodes during the break.

Part 1 I particularly like. It comes at almost the perfect time for a change from the first riff, and remind a lot of Protest the Hero.

Keys and Strings did not sit as well with me. I think the culprit there is the synth strings being a little too warm and a little too dense for such an active, kinetic part. I think the simple subtraction of the strings from that part would be beneficial.

That being said, I loved the key part and the guitar lead, and dug the chord change at 102 even more.

Bridge was solid melodically, but a little jarring rhythmically. That was likely your intention, however, and in that you succeded. The progressions sounds even more awkward when slowed down.

The transition back into the main riff felt a little forced. I feel like you could have made a much smoother transition, maybe even revisit the very beginning briefly.

Now the last riff was excellent. It took the idea of the main riff and added extra motion to it, really exploding into the ending. That being said, the fading, panning guitar counterpoint at the end might be my favorite part of the song.

Overall, I honestly had a difficult time trying to find bits of criticism here. Unaltered, this song is easily an excellent song. But it does have minute bits of room for improvement.

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thanks for the remarks, gave me something to think about.

Your piece is quite cool, i like how all the parts flowed from on to another.

I particularly enjoyed the part from bar 175 onwards, really cool progression with the octave chords and what not.

the 'solo' part at the end was great but the ending seemed kinda random hehe

i have another piece

Clarity of Undoing