I have a problem with bending a string say like 1.5 tones up and while then I vibrato,When I try to do it I just drop the string all the way down to normal pitch.
A good example is this if you dont know what I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18FgnFVm5k0
He does an amazing vibrato and im not even close to it.
It's probably going to piss you off but even vibrato can be practiced with a metronome. For example take 60bpm, bend up and apply 'one' vibrato (a single bend up and release) at each beat (remember ...nice and smoothly, take it very slow), i know this is ridiculously slow but you have to be very patient with vibrato...bad vibrato is an awful thing to hear. Then apply this to various licks. Keep doing this until you are completely comfortable applying vibrato to numerous different licks. Then practice with '2 vibratos' at each beat and repeat the whole thing. Keep doing this until you are comfortable with different variations of vibrato (slow and wide, fast and narrow etc.)

EDIT: Remember, use your wrist for vibrato not your fingers. The wrist movement is almost like turning a door knob.
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