I am currently trying to be able to tune down to F# or drop A# but am unable to tune down to that without loosing all intonation. Everyone tells me I need to completely re-set up my guitar. Ive heard just playing on thicker strings would work, but im currently playing on .11-.49s.

Any advice?
You need fatter strings and a set-up for that low.

You won't be able to tune up much past C standard though, not without messing it up and doing some damage.
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if you are drasticly changing the tuning or changing the string gauge you will need to run a full setup on your guitar. you will probably be adjusting the action slightly, and will definatly need to work on your intonation. you cant get around it by just using larger strings, you will have to adjust the bridge.
so basically, the best thing to do would probably be to get heavier strings AND adjust the bridge, and just leave that guitar as my down tuned guitar. I tune down to C or B alot anyways, so it won't be too big of a deal.
for drop A#, i'd say use 13-65's. I have those on my Schecter for Drop C, because i love the tension, but i've tuned down to drop A# before and it seems pretty good for that tuning. you will need to adjust a lot of stuff on your guitar though.
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