hey guys, i made a video of what i can do so far. Now I want all sorts of criticism, mainly what can I improve on, and am I at least getting hand positioning right. I know that I'm not going to get it right away, but I at least want to know if I'm on the right track. So just let me know what I need to improve on and work on. thanks

Mute the strings
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practice on your hand movements your picking hand seems really really stiff. As a matter of fact, it looks much like you're picking ever note opposed to sweeping them

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Try it slowly and with a metronome. What could be very useful and also interesting is to take a simple chord progression and find out the sweep patterns for the chords and play them slowly with the chord playback. When you think your are confident enough about the three string sweep expand your technique to four and five string sweeping. Nice try though
damn. I was afraid that I was picking it. I guess I got so used to the pattern that I started to learn to pick it rather than sweeping it. thanks