Heya, and first lemme say, sorry for putting up another cab thread - didn't wanna hijack one though.

Getting rid of my Marshall 1960 4x12 - things too big for hauling around to gigs.

I want a 2x12, that has a good low end rumble, as well as having tight highs - djenty kinda idea, it'll be paired with a 6505, and i'll be using a 7-string

I've looked at Vader, Orange, and Zilla. (not really familiar with Zilla, just heard good things a while ago - they're a small custom builder, kinda like a UK Avatar i think)

At the minute, I'm preferring the Orange PPC212. A lot of bands I'm listening to use Orange cabs (Periphery etc.), and they seem to have a good balance of lows and highs.

The Vader seems kinda too bassy on any demos I've heard of it, and lacking in top end - can anyone confirm this?

I'd be using the cab for shows and recording, in both a metal band and a pop punk / alt band.

Lemme know what you think about the cabs, and if there are any others I've missed, thanks.

(...and sorry for wall of text)
You're in the UK.

Get the Orange.
MESA 412
I have a Zilla Tall Vintage; Great sounding cab and Paul (Zilla Owner) is a really nice guy. But see if any local shops have the Orange 2x12 in stock and see if it's the sound you're after.
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