These guys have made 4 albums now and each one is just full of riffs and always bringing a unique sound to each song. I've seen these guys quite a few times, one time being last night, and am surprised they're still playing small clubs. If that's their choice or they're just not getting popular I do not know.

Anyway, do you think they're underrated or just crap?


More Viking Skull guitar tabs please!
Highly underrated, because no one's heard of them. Sadly, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of incredible bands that aren't able to become popular for one reason or another. It's probably because they only play crap on the radio now, but idk why bands like this don't make it. :\
I just listened to a couple of their songs. I don't think they're underrated or crap. It's just not very original. It's not breaking any new ground. They're just kinda meh in my opinion.