Our band just made our first released original recording, "Should Thinking Be a Sense?"

Head on over to our myspace and check it out. While you are there listen to a few covers if you like.


Tell me what you think of it
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Song sounds good! Wish you had a bit better of a recording, as the sound isn't great when the distorted guitars come in, but as for the song itself, its good stuff! I particularily liked some of the clean guitar leads.

Crit mine?
Wow, that's some really amazing guitar and drum work. :O The clean guitar sounds as if it is speaking to me, especially at around 4:10 when the clean guitar comes in again. And as someone said earlier, it is very soothing. The distorted guitar needs less gain however since you can hear it clipping when it comes in.

I really liked this composition by your band(Your covers are great too by the way!). I'll keep an eye out for your future originals. Oh, and thanks for commenting on my work!
That was great! Loved it. Though, it'd sound tops with some bass. Reminded me a bit of If These Trees Could Talk. Favourite bit was definitely when that distorted guitar came in.
This is very chill, I like the guitar part that comes in around 0:50. The switch to distortion/lead up was pretty cool, this song has a lot of dynamic.

Only other thing I'd say is the drums for the first 2 minutes or so were pretty much the same thing, if you changed up the beat slightly just for even a few measures I think it could give the song even more energy.

Sounds like I hear a bit of Buckethead influence, reminds me of the feeling of the clean bridge section of Brewer In The Air.

Overall: Good sh*t!
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I'm only partway in right now, but though the writing is good and it's a relaxing song, the recording quality is killing it. I don't know why, but it seems like parts keep cutting out. And it's not my speakers, I'm going through some nice ones right now. Sometimes I hear clipping as well. After about 2:20, the recording quality and mixing seem to get horrible... just sounds choppy and clip-tacular. Timing has been off in a few places, too. I like the clean solos you have in there, and the fact that the song has a sort of build/release to it. Overall, I think if you rerecord this with better production, it could be a very nice song.
i really like the feeling of the song, makes me wanna chillout on a rainy day in my room thinking about the world. the recording quality as other have said let it down tho, would have been great with a good quality recording. my face part was when the distorted guitar fades out and the clean guitar comes in with the little bits of lead guitar, sounds really nice.

good work.
This song sounds like its bassed off Californication by the chili peppers. Has the same drum rhythm, rhythm guitar, bass is pretty much the same too. Changes up at 2:10 and the lead guitar is really the only difference. Distortion kicks in and in my opinion its a bit too much and lead is hard to make out behind it all.

Not californication but i surely hear a huge influence from it...maybe too much at times. Maybe purely accidental, not sure, but still its a good song man not knocking it at all.

Only thing I didnt really like was the heavy distortion on the rhythem half way through the song.
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Just want to clarify: the other guitarist wrote this song and he doesn't even like RHCP let alone listen to them...

I dont know how you cant like RCHP but he doesnt. So purely accidental that it sounds like Californication.
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR White

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lol well he has a RHCP six sense then or hes feeling the force lol. I thought it was well done, I just found it remarkable how similar it was in general. Still great song nonetheless.
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