Three straight days of listening to Muse and Devo created this track (and its sibling which isn't quite finished yet). The mix was an absolute nightmare, and I'm not sure I really nailed it, as I added just about everything I could think of. In the end I don't think it ended up sounding too much like Muse, except perhaps for the ascending chromatics in the chorus, but the main riff and its jerkiness is total Devo.

Program: ProTools LE 8
Guitars: Hagstrom Ultra Swede through a Vox ToneLab (11 tracks worth)
Bass: Marina P-bass copy through a Behringer BDI 21
Drums: EZ Drummer Pop/Rock kit
Synths: IK Multimedia Sonik Synth and Digidesign Vacuum
Vocals: Studio Projects B1

"If money is the root of all evil, I'd like to be a bad, bad man."

- Huey Lewis & the News