Ok so i got a laptop(pc) and i wanna do some recording. Its just in my bedroom. I wanna be able to mic my amp and record my actual guitar sound but still plug my guitar into the computer and play through like modelling software to get a different and nicer sound. I know you need some sort of audio interface and I was looking at the m-audio usb ones like the fast track. Would one of these work for what I want to do? I was also looking at getting an audix om2 mic. I will be using it for vocals and for recording instruments. I also need help finding a program that will let me make drum tracks and bass so I can make full songs
m audio would be good for the interface, if you have firewire on your computer though, id get a firewire rather than USB interface. and all you'll need as far as mics is an SM57

as for as software, i'd pick up:

reaper (60 bucks but can be used for free if you really need)
ezdrummer (addictive drums if you've got the cash)
4front bass (free plugin to make bass tracks)

that should be enough to get some decent sounding recordings

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Sounds like you want a Line 6 Toneport UX1 or UX2. It comes with the Gearbox software which has POD guitar amp modeling that you can monitor on the spot and it records to whatever software you use (I think it comes with a dumbed down version of Ableton, I would recommend using Reaper though).

Eventually if you want to get more serious about recording you will have to upgrade. It's good for the hobbyist- I started with a Line 6 and it did what I needed to do for a while but when I decided to head my career focus into audio recording I upgraded.

If you want to record your actual amp and not just the modelled stuff on Gearbox, you'll want a Shure SM57 mic, it's pretty much the industry standard.

As for drums/bass... for bass I would get a free VSTi soft synth, there are plenty out there that can be found with a google search. For drums, I just use sampled individual drums and put them together to form beats, but it's tedious (i'm at the point where I'll just record the drums live). Gearbox comes with a drum machine but you can't record it... I would recommend BeatCraft for a cheap, effective drum sequencer. You put beats and samples together to form loops/songs and export them as audio files. I recently tried the trial and it was pretty good. I didn't buy it just because I wouldn't have used it enough to justify the buy (I'm a poor high schooler, gotta choose where to spend wisely).

Hope this helps.
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