What are some Humbucker-Humbucker Combos that are combined to be under $150? I am a guy who likes everything from funk to high gain metal, but more in the high gain genre side.

And I am also wondering what would be the cost if I send it to this local guitar shop to change the pickups for me. So thank you all for whoever responds.
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in the US pairs of good pups can be had cheap on craigslist. usually it's about $20-25 per pick up to install.
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If ur looking for passives then I reccommend Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker Set (JB/Jazz)

If u want actives than i'm afraid ur gonna have to drop a little more cash
manliusguitar.com or bgpickups.com
hand scatterwound. destroys seymour or dimarzio. 150 a set.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Most Irongear pups cost £25 each. Steamhammer (15k) and Hammerhead (15k) are good for metal, Hot Slag (16k) for high gain lead stuff, Rolling Mill (8k) for PAF type. There's also Blues Engine (8k I think) which are a little more costly. Each pairing comes with a Neck and Bridge version with the Neck ones being slightly less resistance. Fitting is easy to DIY if you have a soldering iron and all are 4 wire for any number of wiring tricks. Full wiring diagrams come with the pickups.
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I'm not an expert on budget pickups, I stick to USA made EMG, SD, DiMarzio, etc. and could recommend any number of them, but few end up under $150. However, regarding installation, I suggest you attempt yourself at some point. Installing four-conductor pickups isn't rocket science, though it can be unnerving your first try. If you wanna make a habit out of doing upgrades to guitars, you'll save time and money by doing it yourself. Many pickup manufacturers have colour-coded wiring diagrams which are very self explanatory. Down the road, paying 50-100 bucks and having to wait a week for what can be done in 30 minutes for a few cents worth of solder just doesn't seem right.
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