Postal Money Order, Cash or PayPal only. No Checks.
I'm on the good trader list with a X12.

Up for sale is an Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff w/ Top Boost. I'll take $60 shipped to the Con U.S. ONLY.
This is a great pedal. The best distortion pedal I've ever used. I just don't need it anymore cause I bought a Mesa Single Rectifier and I like it's built in distortion better. This pedal works perfectly and is in pretty good condition. It only has 3 very small chips. It does not come with a power supply.

Description from Electro-Harmonix:
The Metal Muff with Top Boost features 3 powerful EQ bands that are ideal for sculpting mids and a total of 6 controls for shaping sound precisely your way. Top Boost adds serious bite with its own control knob and footswitch button.

Here's a pic.
If you wanna see pics of the very small chips PM me and I'll take some and send them to you.