A piece i wrote in c# minor with piano and orchestra. I used Edirol Orchestral for the samples and recorded everything in reaper with a M-Audio keystation 88 midi keyboard. I'm self taught on piano and have been only playing a few months..


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Good stuff man! For some reason you music in your profile makes me think of some kind of Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings soundtrack, but that could just be sleep deprivation talking... Are you into doing scores for film at all? If not, you might want to consider it, its fun.

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Thanks. And yeah i'm really interested in film scoring.. I just don't have a film to score haha. Sometimes i get inspiration from making up a scene in my head and write music to go with it. That's what i did for the song "Memories".
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i liked it man, nice opening and then transition to a more major tonality and big finish. could be in a film or like a video game cutscene or something, same thing with Memories. nice compositions mate.

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EDIT: oh, also, how do you like that keyboard? i've been looking for something with 88 weighted keys, but i've heard reviews of it that say that particular one breaks down easy.
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Thanks! I've had the keyboard for a few months now and i haven't had a problem with it. It was definitely worth the money.. I've played on other keyboards and this one is the best you can get for the price. I would have gladly payed more for it haha.
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Quite a piece of work you have here. For being such a short piece, it most certainly goes through different states. It starts of sad, then intensifies until it becomes an almost magical sensation, and as it falls back into sorrow, it hits once more with that feeling of wonder before ending...my only critique is that i wish there was more!
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Really nice playing, great sound quality. I liked the composition a lot, sounds like it would fit in an epic movie soundtrack or something. The orchestra sounded quite fake imo, not sure if there are any better programs for that. Obviously getting a real orchestra is no simple task however! Definitely try to make it longer, try for bigger build up to climaxes in the piece. You definitely have a lot of skill as a composer and pianist, keep it up!

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1320068
you know i was just strolling through UG and i gotta say that was fantastic stuff, random happenstance that i click this and gave your music a shot. I'm glad i did, sounds amazing dude
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