Alright, so our drummer called it quits last night, and we're in need of a new member to fill the slot. We play varying styles of thrash and death metal, with growling vocals, akin to Cannibal Corpse or any other contemporary death metal band. For a drummer, we are looking for someone who can handle constant 32nd note kick drum patterns at reasonably high tempos around 120-210 BPM. For a vocalist, as I said before, we need a growler, someone that can bring the low end out, and sometimes hit the high screams as well. Here's a link to our Myspace, if you'd like to check out our previous work. We're interested in doing that kind of stuff, minus all the deathcore breakdowns.
We're also interested in a name change, so bear that in mind as well.
Email me at Chroberry@gmail.com for details, if you're a local to Boise, and want to try out with us.
"Sensations, curse me and my ways
Force-feed me blind on empty days!"