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Mine is not a number, it is a free man simply super duper.


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Like 1.2 Mb/s download, and 0.6 up.

Pretty terrible, considering my actual download speed ends up at like 140 or so kB/s max.
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After all, without drummers, who would bag my groceries?

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Meh, not too bad.

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Hull City A.F.C

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It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
Faster than this:

Srsly Mai interwebz iz going uber slow right now...

Lol Cross. The Power of LOL Compels you!

It's usually a bit quicker, but it's about 10x faster than anything I ever had with BT, who were a waste of time and money.

EDIT: holy hell, fastest download rate so far...
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Being a Republican should be a handicap.
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EDIT: holy hell, fastest download rate so far...

nope, TS beat you

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I still have dial-up.

holy shit.
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who can beat 40?

^^ my first smilies stack ^^

My room's on the other side of the house and on a different floor from the router, so might results might be better if I was closer. Oh well, this is good enough.
EDIT: Now in the living room which is next to the computer room.
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nope, TS beat you

Oh Bob Saget. Oh well, I'm still impressed, generally I think my ISP is a piece of shit, but I feel bad for some of you guys...I'd get so frustrated I'd smash my 'puter. Into a million pieces.
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Being a Republican should be a handicap.

I thought it was gonna be faster
Rush Rocks

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