I think the idea is nice, kind of soothing, but the recording isn't good enough to showcase the tune. The acoustic sounds good, the bass is OK but should probably have been played using fingers (DI and pick is usually a bad idea), and the lead sound is awesome. The main problem is the drums which sound like complete crap in this context. The entire kit is so obviously digital it hurts but the snare that enters at 1:07 literally destroys the song.

Better drums (the programming could use some work as well to make it flow and groove more) and some EQ fixes and it's good. As it is now it's a good idea that's not quite halfway there.
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Thanks for the crit. It sounds nice but as said before, the recording is kind of low quality. Around 1:12 or so, the power chords stick out of the mix a little.. The lead sounds nice, though. There's a lot of room for a much more interesting bass line. Try throwing in some triplet fills or something.. You could try having it build up more to 1:12. Just an idea. Overall, nice song.
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I like this. it has a very mellow feel, and as far as the drums are concerned, I thought they sounded fine, although maybe it would sound better with hand drums instead of a drum kit. I don't know, just a thought great job on this!
Amazing stuff! I loved the lead tone. The acoustic was really nice too, it gave a very nice background. The licks around 1:50 and 2:10 (?) sounded a little off, but other than that it was a really nice mellow track.
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recording quality sounds great!

Rhythm section also sound really good. I like the bass tone personally.

Solo tone also choice. I love me some instrumentals.

Thanks for the crit!
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Great stuff! Really like the consistency of the acoustic. Most will make repetition seem well, repetitive. However, you did a fine job at allowing that to lay the foundation for your lead over top. Keep it up!
That was really awesome man! I'd ask if you are planning on adding vocals, but I don't even know if it really needs vocals (: The one thing I did notice was it kind of got slightly repetitive about half way through, when you kept doing those sustained power chords. But still pretty nice (:
Wow......just wow is all I can say lol. The song was very soft and soothing, almost dream like. The acoustic sounded excellent, the drums added the rhythm quite nicely, and your leads put me in an almost euphoric state. The only thing I wasnt completely about was the tone of the bass, but even that seemed to fit to the song very nicely.

Wonderful work man. I sent a friend request lol, I hope I can hear more from you soon.
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Hey, thanks for the crit! Nice work on this one, really like your solo tone. You need a different drum plugin, though, at the very least. Bass tone could use some help too. Very smooth sounding song overall though, it's quite a relaxing piece. Timing is a little off in places but that's a minor issue, as I think that was only in the beginning.

Sounds pretty good. Some things I noticed were that, like mentioned before, the drums don't sound too good. Also it gets repetitive, I didn't really notice any changes in the structure. It's a nice idea, but I think you should expand on it.
solo is awesome.... a little bit more delay would give it even more feel to it.

i dont if its just me but a more bassy sounding bass would sound better imo. just to make it more full.



oh and if you need real drums~~ let me know. im getting wrist surgery tomorrow but will be able to do it in 3 weeks or so.

Thanks for the crit man.

I really liked this. I absolutely loved that lead tone. My only real problem with it is the drums. Definitely get a better kit for this song. The snare was probably the works part, sounded so electronic.

But really man great song. Nothing about it wrong that cant be fixed, just need to get a different kit in there for the drums.
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The lead guitar was really good. The drums i thought were lacking in the track ... they felt very electronic/drum machine like and didn't really complement the playing.

I'm going to give some thoughts on recording quality. The acoustic isn't very resonant ... sounds like an acoustic electric through a guitar port ... I would go with micing it near the soundhole to get better resonance.

The electric power chords also seem a little lost in the mix -- I would add some different compression and maybe pan them more.

crit mine?
Chriss4355: Thanks a lot for the offer, but like I said, I'll most likely be getting my drummer to redo the drums for me. However, I would be more than happy to work with you on some other project!

Foobar: Thanks for the crit, but micing an acoustic near the soundhole is generally a huge no-no in the recording world as there is an overwhelming presence of bass frequencies there. For that track, I used a large diaphragm condenser pointed at the 12th fret. Ideally I would have liked a pair of small diaphragm condensers, but unfortunately I don't own them. Furthermore, there are two electric rhythm tracks panned hard left and hard right respectively, one of them with compression.

Again, thanks everyone for the crit!
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Hey man, the sound quality wasn't the greatest, but i really liked the song! Good title for it, too! There isn't much that i can say that hasn't been said by these dudes, but i can't wait to hear what you've got coming next!