One of my fave Kiss songs, had to do it when I found this BT. The first version I did of this got corrupted on the memory card so I had to do it all again, I don't know if it's all note for note, I just tend to play along with the backing tracks and perhaps listen to the record a few times.

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Sounds great! Even the tone of the guitar. Everything sounds great. 5/5
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This is great! I think i'm going to start listening to kiss now - I have never heard of any of their songs... but this has convinced me they are good! Well done!
The tone is perfect, really great through my speakers - really fits well with the song (i wouldn't know how the original sounds, as i haven't heard it, haha).
The solo sounds great too. As I said, i love that tone, can't get any better than that!

Comment on my cover?
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I'm lovin the guitar tone. Pure Marshall power! Great job! Crit mine?


Sorry mate, it's recorded with my SG Classic straight into a BR600 recorder, I'm waiting to get my hands on a decent mic to record from my amp, as soon as I do I may have to record this song again to see the difference.
The BR600 does a pretty good job with the sounds.

Thanks for the comments everyone, I'll C4C as soon as I can.

nice cover man, nothing to complain about. i felt the guitars were kinda meh tone-wise, but playing was spot on. vocals were good too. good work.