Im looking for a P.A. system, right now im not to worried about micing guitar drums and bass, just vocals.

Im gonna get the stuff to mic all those in the future, but my main question is about these speakers: JBL Eon P1 15 Active Powered Speaker

I found what I think is a sweet deal on them (2 for $400) and wanted to ask, what is the wattage on them? will they be able to make it over a loud drummer and a guitarist that has a rectoverb louder than hell?
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They're 180 watts each, and they'll easily be louder than a drummer. It will be audible above the guitarist if he has his rectoverb on 10.

Plus, since you're using two of them, they will fill the room with sound. A guitar amp will typically be really loud when you're directly in front of it, but won't spread the sound out very evenly.

So yeah, it should be fine. I've used those speakers for school gigs with up to 200 people.
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