My Laney AOR as nice as it is, has been giving me some problems.

It literally farts even when I play/ don't play at random times

Yesterday, I played a gig at someones 18th, and when we ended the song, my amp just went a little crazy.

Could it just be a simple tube problem?

Or a speaker problem?

I have no means of looking at it tonight or the next few days as its at bandpractice.

I know i'm going to be told to connect it to a different cab etc, but someone may have experienced this before.

Any help, I'd greatly appriciate
If the problems suddenly started, then it's probably the tubes.
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it smells bad? it might be a capacitor gone bad. filter cap maybe. open it up and get to the board, see if u got crap around your filter caps?
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Bloody hell I explain things terribly...

It makes a farting SOUND

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Yesterday, I played a gig at someones 18th, and when we ended the song, my amp just went a little crazy.

Haha, imagine if it was a smell problem
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Ah man no worries

I might sell it in that case. I don't want to sort it out if I could save up a bit more funds for a working amp.

Theres a AOR head on ebay and I emailed the guy selling it and he claims he's from The Gallows It could be true but very unsure about that one...
would the 30watt Laney be significantly different to my 50w do you know?

I'm thinking of selling the 50 for a 30 and then wait untill christmas of untill I can afford a better amp

but I need to gig with it without any problems on the volume
I dunno another in that range. I'm fairly sure that if you find a tech, you can get yours sorted for that much, probably less.

This guy looks legit:
so does this guy:

At least email them first.

EDIT: I found them with this search:
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How does this idea sound...

Buy the 30w AOR version for around £100...

Sell the AOR I own...

Use the extra cash to service the 30w (If needed)

Use this till christmas untill I can get a new amp...