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Go with the Yamaha...
8 50%
The Ibanez is better...
8 50%
Voters: 16.

I want to know which one of these is the better guitar? They both look similar, and all that, but I've not tried them out.

My guess is that as they're a similar price they're both low end (beginners?) guitars.

But which one is better, specifically for metal, and would either of them cope with drop tunings? (I use both C standard and B standard)

Any advice would be awesome, thanks
I'd take Yamaha over Ibanez any day in that price range. Much better quality. I suggest you also look at the Yamaha Pacifica line too. I had/have one that could cope with drop tunings quite well.
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yamaha are way better in the low budget range.the pacificas are awesome guitars

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I've tried the ERG... and with my experience... go for the Ibanez. No hesitation.
You want a "metal" guitar, take the Ibanez. Yamaha makes good guitars, but this ERG is horrible. It just sucks in many ways. Plus, the amp is horribly horribly sucky.
I've read reviews about GRG. Much better guitar IMO.

EDIT: BTW, the Pacifica series, which is actually good, isn't very metal.
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I've got the ERG myself, nothing to shout and scream about but i can p*ss around with its tremolo all day (and i go crazy with the thing) and it stays perfectly in tune which does not make sense to me at all , the pickups are disgusting though, I'm currently in the process of pimping mine.
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They are very similar guitars in my opinion and either one of these could be a real hit or miss depending on the quality you happen to encounter. Yamaha Pacifica's are okay guitars, but definitely not great. They're humbuckers will do some high gain metal decently if you're just starting. The pacifica will have a slightly thicker neck so that's something to consider. Both have mediorce trems.

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Thanks for the responses guys.
Basically, I've been playing for a long time (20 years) and I'm not bad, but always seem to try and save myself money and end up with reall mediocre guitars.
I think I end up paying out more in the long run because I find that the guitar is crap, sell it on, and get a new one that was just as crap... vicious circle!
Can anyone suggest an awesome guitar for no more than £400 that would get me out of this cycle?