So heres my problem latley ive been noticing more and more this "ringing" i get from my 2nd string (b)

Whenever played open or just upstroked or with my fingers it lets out this god awful ringing noise that makes me wanna explode heres a soundclip of it Untitled.wma - 0.20MB

Now ive tried many things

Ive tried raising the bridge and that didnt change anything

Graphite lubing the Nut

Adjusting intonation

Changing the string

Nothing works, does anyone a possibility of whats doing this

Oh and i cant go to guitar center since the guys off Fri-Mon
upload the clip to your UG profile not to a 3rd party site that asks us to login/register, or if you insist on using 3rd party site use youtube,

at a guess check the the saddle

what guitar is it?
saddles fine Ibanez IJX30 not exactly expensive but when recession halters you down lol wouldn't surprise me if its a nut problem just wanted to get a second opinion.
Nut slot is being cut too low, so the string buzzes against the first fret. You need a new nut.

You can check the right slot height by the following way: press the strings down between the 2nd and 3rd fret, and check if there's a gap between the bottom of the strings and the top of the 1st fret. There must be just a tiny little gap. If it's not there, you're gonna get buzz, like the example you posted.

This site has pics of how to do it: http://www.bryankimsey.com/nuts/nuts3.htm