Don't know the song so hard to figure it out...

Your mic is too close you can hear it clip very often.

A backtrack would be a very big add on

Keep it up!

youve got potential but it sounds like your forcing yourself to be a voice that youre not
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I didn't really feel like recording it again with my mic away from my face. i might try it again later, but I'm happy with the reviews so far even though I don't like what I did with the middle section at all.

Also, I think all of my converting of the file may have damaged it a tad, if you notice a clip. Or I just messed up, who knows.
honestly its not that good. not that you dont have potential. but you need to give it your all when you sing or its just gonna sound flat all the way through some parts even sounded to me like you were just talking. and just by listining i can tell your holding back thats why it sounds so weird and you dont have much, if any tone. i strongly suggest doing some warmups/excercises it will help a ton..also give you more confidence so you wont hold back. you have to give it 100% when singing.
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Thanks for the advice. I agree that it wasn't my best recording, but I liked one note in it enough to keep the rest of the subpar parts. I should practice with music playing, it seems.
The voice is good. But the choice in song is quite difficult, you are biting off more than you can chew with it. Focus on simpler songs with easier phrasing. I agree with the advice HALEN2087 said.