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So, yesterday I went to lunch with my family and my grandpa brought this along with him, saying he had found it lying around his house. It's labeled a Gibson C-1-Classic. Now, I have no idea how old this is or anything like that (if we believe what he said, it's from the early 60s). The serial number is 243022 and it's made in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I found the serial number on a label inside the soundhole, and it's also stamped into the back of the headstock. Can't see it in the picture as it's pretty difficult to make out by eye. I was wondering if any of you have any more info on these guitars, when they were made, what (if any) value they have now, etc. I wasn't even aware Gibson made classical guitars. It looks like it's fully stock, as well. Needs a fretboard polish and new strings, which is my project for tomorrow. I guess I'll give a quick review:

Seems to play really nicely, fretboard is level and intonation (on the 3 strings that is) seems to be in tune. Fretboard is wide and flat, making chording really easy. Can't play much lead on it, but it's a classical guitar, what do you expect. Has a really big, full bodied sound, even with strings that are decades old. I don't think it's been played in at least 15-20 years, seeing as how my grandpa doesn't play and it's been sitting at his house since before my mom moved out of it. Few small chips in the wood, but that's to be expected with age. Anyway, here are the pics! I leave the rest to your expertise.


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Gibson made the C1 from 1957 to 1971. Send Gibson an e-mail with the serial number to see what they can dig up. It looks like a good guitar.
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shit man, i bet that thing is worth a million dollars ahahaha, nah, but seriously it might be worth a whole lot of moneyz, since, well its a gibson and it is old