I was wondering if i have a distortion pedal that i like but need just a bit more punch can i use a gain booster pedal? (i use a landmine ld1 and love the tone ) what will the gain boost do exactly to the distortion. Also some people said to get compressor pedal and that would help and others say no it will kill the tone.

So anyway without the option a new amp what is the way to go please suggest model to use.

thanks in advance
use an SD-1 (boss)
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A compressor would squash your volume, not give you more gain. Just more noise.

Usually you can drive an overdrive pedal even harder by putting a clean boost in front of it, and then lowering the volume on the actual pedal. I've never tried this with a full out distort pedal, so not sure what would happen. I would honestly just get a different pedal if yours doesn't have enough gain on tap. I know you like yours, but there is a lot out there, and honestly I could not stand a pedal without a gain control...
you could also try the MXR Micro Amp it has a single gain knob. good for a boost in volume and gain for solos or whatever you like.

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yeah, i love the tone of the ld1 but it lacks a bit of punch. i have tried tons of pedals and heads and this is honestly one of the most saturated distortions i have ever used but short of having one custom made for an outrageous price ( i was quoted 350.00 to 400.00) by a well respected pedal moder and thats a bit ,ore than i want to spend for something that may not be any better than what i already have.
You're kidding right?

If you bought yours at quest musique in winnipeg, I'm gonna shit a brick. The Landmine that is.

I have a story that goes along with it, but please tell me where you bought yours before I tell it.
i bought mine (landmine) from mikes music in canada via the internet but the person that builds pedals (the custom pedal for 300.00 to 400.00 that is ) lives in cali. p.m. me if you dont want to tell the story on the board i want to see if its the same line of b.s. i was told when i bought mine.
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