I am going to get my first stack soon, and I need some clear and simple instructions on how to build a 200W L-Pad guitar attenuator. I will require a bypass switch and a treble boost. A bass boost and Ohm switch (8/16) would also be useful. If no Ohm switch then 8 Ohm's is what I will build. I am looking to build something like a cross between this and this. Also, I am eying this L-Pad. Is there any way I could make this work at 16 Ohms? I would like to spend no more than $120 to make this, but I could push it to around $150 if necessary. I plan on skimping for the case and using the power supply in my old desktop or picking up a cheap (or free) fried one at the local computer store. Please only detailed schematics that are easy to understand to help me out.

P.S: Could I use a 100W L-Pad an place a resistor in front of it and still be able to dime my amp?