i got some cheap guitar that came in a bundle. im sick of it i need a new guitar. my budged for right now is under $300 but possible $350. i like playing alot of differant types of music
so what you need is a ibanez rg120 and youll have money for something nice like a pedal or a nice expensive guitar strap or idk ibanez rg120 are only 200 so yea
If you're talking new guitar with that money you're not much farther ahead than the starter pack guitar you have now.
IF you can, save up to $500 mark and you'll have something you can keep for years, it won't be a great guitar but will be a good guitar.
Or try to score a deal on used.
Moving on.....
Take a look at some of the Washburn Idol series. I own one and it is great for a beginner.
what's your guitar and amp? If your guitar is decent then maybe you're just sick of your amplifier, which is more likely. A Squier strat can sound good through a decent amp, but it doesn't work the other way around.

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About a month ago I got tired of the guitar Id been using as my backup on stage so I bought a washburn WI15. It was about 300 after tax and in all honesty, its awesome. With my amp its almost as good as my main $1000 schectar. You should check one of those out.
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For $300 you could get a used Epi Les Paul Standard which wouldn't be bad, you'd be able to play a wide range of styles with it, and would be an big upgrade from you're using now by the sounds of things.
Don't be afraid of checking out used guitars. You most likely won't find exactly what you are looking for, but I picked up a nearly new $750 guitar for $399 recently. The longer you look the better your chances of stumbling into such a buy.

Click on Electric Guitars.

Click on Page 6.

Select Agile AL-2000 you like, press buy. Enjoy.

Unless you aren't in the states. In that case. IDK.


The RG-120 is a good guitar as well at 200.00

Don't rule out a Squier Standard Start (229.00), it has been very kind to me.


If you are at baller status, start at the top of this list, if not, find your way to your ideal price point.




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i have a Vox Valvetronix VT30 30W amp, so will $300 get me a decent guitar or os 300 to cheap

agile 3100.

Best guitar you can buy for under $400 new, in my opinion.

Bought one for my dad last chrismas, they are really great guitars IMHO.
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i like the look of the Agile, i was reading reviews and every1 says there amazing, are the ones under 300 good? would regret getting one under 300?
But then again i knew someone who bought a Gibson Les Paul custom barley used off ebay for $38 check ebay too and other used gear places.
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