Hey, I was planning on purchasing a Taylor 200 Series 210E, sadly they discontinued that model on musiciansfriend.com and are now offering a Taylor 210E-G.

My question is what is the difference between the two? From my research and from the product descriptions, it makes the 210E-G sound like it has a new gloss top and different electronics from the 210E, No more EST system.

Could you guys help me figure out what the difference is between the two? I don't want to get the 210E-G if it is inferior to its predecessor.
I am purchasing a guitar tomorrow, and need to know soon.

Probably get the best answer at the taylor guitar forums. Not sure if ya can post links to forums here so youll have to google for it. I go there all the time ( i got a taylor) and the people over there definitely know their acoustic guitars.
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