My boyfriend is interested in trading a guitar, and someone offered him a 7 String Fender with EMG 707's. We're wondering how much a used one usually costs?
and also some possible model names?
A 7 string Fender? That sounds odd to me, requesting pictures.
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If it's a legitimate fender 7 string...like Chuckles said, very expensive. If not, it's probably not worth much.
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I don't think its Custom Shop. I've heard they made a few models like that for a short time that weren't very popular. BTW, he wants to trade that and a scarface coffin case for my boyfriend's Schecter C-7 Hellraiser and a case.
Oh, and the guy has no way of sending pics, but it's a local guy we haven't met in person.
Yeah, he's gonna go check it out next weekend. He's kinda wondering if he could get 350 to 400 for the guitar and case. I'm just telling him to check it out first though.
He either lied to you guys or its going to cost about 5,000 dollars. It would have to be a masterbuilt custom shop, but I highly doubt they would even build one, especially sense Im reasonably certain a fender 7 string has never existed. So its probably a fake, or just a different company all together, sorry.

EDIT: nevermind, I lied, they made one apparently its a prototype that sold for around 20,000

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The only Fender 7-strings that I have ever heard of are Custom Shop models. There was also a prototype standard model but that was never released. Those both used three single coil pickups. Then there's the Squier seven string models, which have come with both passive humbuckers and single coils. It's a bit dodgy to call a Squier a Fender though, and none of these models have had EMG pickups, which would require different routing.

So, it's either a Custom Shop model, a Custom Shop model that the guy has modifieid or it's a Squier that he's modified and has listed as a Fender. Or it's just a plain fake. Either way, I would be very wary. I find the idea that he's utterly unable to send you pictures of it very suspicious too, everyone and their dog has a digital camera of some kind these days.

My advice would be to go look at it, take photos of it (all of it, every side, every detail) then report back.
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okay. Thanks everyone for your input. It really helped. He's gonna go jam with the guy next week so he'll check it out then and try to take pics to post them on here.