I just got a new job and I'm going to be basically moving across the country. I've decided to travel light. I'm not going to be taking anything with me. Rather than leave my guitars sitting around collecting dust, I'm going to sell them at a discount to you guys! That being the case, I'm not looking for any trades.

This was hand made by guitarzan1143, a member over at Harmony Central. Its pretty freaking cool. Its an RG style body with three single coils. The three on/off switches are really nice. You can go with any pickup configuration you want for a lot of different sounds. The neck on it is truly awesome. Its unfinished and its so smooth. It feels great. Its in excellent condition, basically exactly like I received it. Its never been taken anywhere beyond my home.

The only negative about this guitar is that access to frets 20-22 for the lower strings isn't that great. I don't really go there anyway, but it should be mentioned.

It could use a good setup. I've changed string gauges several times, and I'm an amateur when it comes to adjusting everything properly.

The specs are as follows:

One piece African mahogany body
Hardtail bridge, SS saddles
3 on/off switches, 1 Volume, 1 Tone
Brighton Rock GFS pickups
24 3/4'' 9.5 radius bocote fretboard
22 medium/jumbo frets
Hand cut bone nut
Locking tuners
Sapele neck

It comes with a Schecter hard case and a signed "certificate of authenticity".


I'm only asking $455 shipped for this. I know guitarzan charges significantly more for these, and they are worth it. However, I'm trying to sell everything before I get out of here so I can avoid having someone else ship things for me. This is a great guitar at a great price.