So I have a Peavey Grind sixer, so not only do I have to find six strings strings, but they are 35" scale too. The only brand I have been able to find that carries these is some small brand named INDIE or something. These are too thin for my tastes and I was wondering if anyone knew any other brand that sells 35" six string strings. Thanks in advance.
I'm fairly sure you should be okay with using 34" strings on them.

As it is, most companies make them, Rotosound, Warwick, Peavey, DR, D'addario, Elixir.

Shop around.
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I've spent a good few hours on google trying to find a set, lol. Looking at Peavey's site isn't a bad idea though.
this totally confused me before i noticed if was for bass. i was like "35" scale guitar? WHAT? Where do I get one?" lol
Just buy an normal pack of strings. Standard strings are much longer than 34 inches anyway, so you'll be fine.
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most six string basses I've seen are 35" scale. just get any ol' set of 6 and you should be good.
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