ok this is going to sound very arrogant but so far out of the very few covers there are of this love/hate song, i think mine is the closest to being right albeit i made a few mistakes.

this song isn't hard to play yet it is because the song is packed full of layers of guitars so its hard to distinguish the riff or the pattern being played but once you've got the riff its easy.

and before anyone says otherwise...this song is in DROP B not C# or Bb its DROP B.

i missed out the fretless solo because i don't have a fretless xD and i improved the 2nd solo which i think doesn't sound too bad.

anyway hope you like my cover of Shacklers Revenge
Ok cool, great cover - very accurate! I like the tone very much, maybe take the gain off a tiny bit... and turn the backing track up a bit, need to level things out a bit.
Drop B, that's crazy! I'd never dream of going that low! Well done on such a good cover - you're right, there aren't many good covers of this song on youtube, and you've done well to replicate the song well.
Keep it up!

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Nice job. Great execution of the pedal effects (is it called a whammy pedal? Not sure but it sounds cool!) Impressive soloing as well. I didn't really notice any mistakes, but I think you could now just work on making your playing more fluid and just lock in with the rhythms a bit more. (eg. like around 1:00). Enjoyed it overall!

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