I just changed the strings on my Squire Strat from .11s-.48s to .10s-.52s, and now the bridge is lifting up at the bottom and the action is too high... I've never messed with the insides of a guitar before, but i'd like to try to figure this out with some help from you guys. I'm assuming i have to open the back of the guitar to fix this problem?
Did you increase the lower strings for a reason? And decrease the lower ones for the same reason as well? You have to take into consideration the tension different gauges put on the neck, you need to know how to adjust your trust rod and also seeing as you have a strat-style trem, you need to know how to work with your trem claw (I think that's what is called?)
Spring tension, you changed string gauge so basically, your strings have more tension than before. Your gonna have to increase spring tension in the bridge. You have a Strat so take off the back plate and use a screwdriver and increase the spring tension. I'm not experienced with Strat's so... that's about as much as I know but it's definitely a spring tension problem.
Add a third spring. I did the same thing when I started out and my guitar teacher just gave me one and slapped it straight in. If you have a teacher, go ask them about it next time you have a lesson to see if they'll do the same for you, although they're really cheap if you have to buy one.
tighten the claw
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I added a picture to help... Do I have to tighten the two screws sticking down from the top, and if so, by how much? Also, do i need to detune my strings a little before doing this? Thanks for all the responses!
you can tighten those springs, unless it seems as if it's not helping.

in that case, you'll want 4 tighter springs, or to add a 5th spring and adjust the screws.

i see those screws are not evenly in the body.

because it's a squire, i'm going to suggest you add the 5th spring, and keep the bridge flush against the body.

should you detune first? well, only if you find a lot of resistance on those screws.

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