Need to replace the nut on my Omen 6, but i'm strapped for cash as usual. I was going to buy a pre-filed and put it on myself but i've read they aren't as accurate as blanks you file yourself. I don't trust myself to try and do this plus im an amateur at setups. I have heard guitar center's techs don't do to great a job and the one buy my house strikes me as a moron, but they are considerably cheaper than the more professional luthiers around town. I can't decide what to do, not opposed at all to going through the hassle of doing it myself but i don't wanna ruin the nut and waste the money or damage the nut area at all. Now constructive input Ftw!!!
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Why not try it yourself? Even if you destroy the nut, you will have learned what not to do. Buy another and then do it right. You'll still be money ahead and will have learned how to replace it on your own. I'll bet there are enough sites out there, that you could Google it and do it on your own the first time.

Edit: Quite a few sites came up with a Google search. This one was first:


After reading her article, you may want to consider having a real tech do it. There's a little more to it than just remove the old one and pop in a new one.
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That's true, graphtech's are only around 15, i could afford to fudge one up.
When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show.
When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat.

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measure the nut you have.

purchase a pre cut nut the same size. (if cheap then get 2)

when it gets to the house, remove your strings.

score the nut around its edges (with an exacto knife). then press a small screw driver on the side of the nut,
and tap it out with a light hammer.

once it's out, clean the space and see if the nut fits nicely.

if it's too large draw a line along the flat side of the nut in pencil.

if the bottom or side needs to be shaved, then tape a sheet of sandpaper to a table and run the nut back and forth on it's flat side to file it. (only up to the line)
check for size often.

use white glue to secure the nut, and string up.

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If you're doing it yourself. Do not use too strong glue. It makes for much harder repairing later on. White glue is a good glue to use. Place a wooden block on the side of the nut and knock it gently with a hammer. It will fall right off.

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