I've got a replica Stratocaster, its black with rosewood finger board and white pickguard. Until now I have only stuck some stickers on it and tidying up the wiring inside.

I am planning on buying a humbucker that fits in the single coil Strat style pickup slot.

Should I re spray it a solid colour or go for a complex design?
Is painting a pickguard really a waste of time like some forums say?
Any tips or general rule of thumb i should know of? What type of paint to use etc?

I have never painted a guitar before. (I've resprayed car parts and computer chassis but never guitars)
theres an ultimate painting thread in the GB and C forums. There's also a which pickups thread on the guitar accesories forums. look there
While you're at it line the control cavity with tin foil for shielding. One of the cheapest and best modifications anyone can do for a Strat.
Thanks all.

@Salgala link please?

@Seref it already has that

@lespauljames did you sand it down first or "key" it or did you just spray right on?