I love dual guitar cover. I'm not really a fan of Parkway Drive but I always thought they have some cool guitar riffs (especially Horizons). But it was perfect man. The video quality, sound quality, and playing. Great job

Care to comment on mine? It ain't as good as yours but any input is great. It's in my sig.
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Great cover man, really enjoyed the fact that you did a dual-cover, made it so cool! All in all I couldnt really find any faults in your playing, you must really have practiced this song, thats really awesome. The only thing lacking for my part is that the quality of the guitar-sound wasn't completely perfect, but it was good enough. Great job man, keep it up!

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Sounded fantastic. I don't think there were any mistakes at all. Since you're obviously very talented I'm going to be suuuper picky and say that I didn't quite like the tone on the solo. It sounded like there was chorus on it or something? But really that's just me being a picky a-hole. Awesome job, superb playing and the video was really well put together.

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Hi, thanks for your comment on my Seek and Destroy cover !

I saw your video a few days ago, because I like your covers (especially the fact you do dual covers).
I must admit, it's almost perfect. Awesome timing, awesome tone, spot on. If I heard that without the video, I'd think this is the real song.
For how long have you been playing ?

Keep the covers coming !
That was absolutely great man. I really loved that, never really listened to that band before but after that dude im goin to my music store right now to pick some up. Great quality and you played it flawlessly man. Had my desk shaking and me jacked up lol. Tone was awesome it was funny how your facial expressions synced up to each other a few times in the vid. Great job, keep it up man

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1317707
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wow awesome i didnt know parkway was releasing some new songs from the new album. sweet cover too man. im not sure how i feel about the tone during the solo but it was good none the less. if that was brought up during the other posts, im sorry but i didnt read them. im way too tired haha.

c4c? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm2F6vcS2QM

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