Alright guys heres my dilemma, I have recently finnished watching the office in its entirety, and I need a new show to watch!

any suggestions?

preferably one that i can watch online!

And also, if anybody reading this has not watched the office, you really should. The US version however
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LOST. Watch it all. It's worth it. *Flamesheild*

Other then that.. Scrubs is pretty damn good honestly

EDIT: He got Scrubs lol ^
Arrested Development
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Freaks And Geeks.
Flight of the Conchords.
Arrested Development.
My Name is Earl.
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My Name is Earl.

I thought season 3 was painful to watch. Other than that, great show.
Like a sitcom or a drama?

I would suggest Breaking Bad though. Wicked show. You can probably download a torrent or something.
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For comedy you should watch Scrubs. For pure awesomeness you should watch Dexter.
I think i'll start with scrubs, because i know exactly where i can watch it
and of course i already watch family guy/south park

the office UK isn't that good i find though

edit; i plan on checking out dexter soon enough, and as far as breaking bad goes, i want to watch that pretty badly but can't find it online

edit2; i love two and a half men
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Two and a Half Men.

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For pure awesomeness you should watch Dexter.

Its always sunny in philadelphia is quite hilarious too if you're looking for something thats funny
Breaking Bad

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Undeclared. It's all on Youtube (somehow) and is criminally overlooked. Some awesome before-they-were-famous guys as well as some awesome guest appearances.
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Entourage. Its awesome.
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For pure awesomeness you should watch Dexter.

Agreed. Dexter is fantastic.

Dead Like Me was also a pretty good show. I thought so, anyway. If you watch it, be sure to also watch the movie.
Dexter, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Scrubs and Lost for sure. The 4400 was also a very good show that no one seems to know about, if you're into sci-fi check it out.
One of my buddies showed me Archer the other day. I enjoyed it

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Fringe, Lie to Me, Entourage, Dexter, Lost, House.

I just started watching Californication. Pretty cool show so far.
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia....do it.

Check out the episode....

"The Night Man Cometh"