Hi there.
Im looking for a guitar multi FX pedal that doesnt go too far over £200

I will be regularly using it in church (through a PA) for clean rythms and atmospheric leads so good clean tones, reverb, delay and chorus would be essential - for this it also needs to have a expression pedal assignable to vlume control.

I also enjoy playing everything from Blues to Hard Rock and would love a quality Shred tone, so it needs to be able to pull off some sweet overdrives and distortions.

A looper would be nice but isnt a dealbreaker, Id also like to be able to use it as a pitchshifter/octaver (whammy pedal would be a bonus) if possible.

At the moment im considering the Vox Tonelab ST, looking at the Roland ME range (but not sure about which one - possibly ME 70 but that is rather expensive), and have heard good things about the Digitech RP355. Which would you recommend for my needs? Are there any really good ones im ignoring here?

Im leaning towards the Tonelab, although it doesnt have as many features, as I have heard it sounds the best - especially with its tube.

TL;DR - need Multi FX for around £150-230 w/ good clean tones and nice blues tone, volume pedal

(p.s., I also need a new amp, not too large, for when im not using the PA, am I right in thinking - with all the amp sims etc. - that I could just get a half decent SS amp and it would sound sweet or should i save and get a valve amp?)
Boss me-25 man perfect for what your talkin about
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I had bought a zoom 2.1u a couple of years ago that i still plug in from time to time. it does a bit better than you would expect. I still like to plug it in from time to time instead of the individual stomp boxes.

The me-xx's are awesome too. listen to a bunch of sound samples on youtube if you cant try them out before hand.
Vox Tonelab would be the best in your case seeing you need amp emulation
Im kinda prejudced against ZOOM pedals after having bed experienced with their cheaper models - while the zoom 2.1u no doubt sounds better I dont fancy the conrol system.

I see that the ME 25 has an intellegent pitchshifter feature - is that a similar idea to the BOSS PS5's harmoniser - I love the idea of that pedal? If so, is this feature on the ME 70 also?

I like the idea of the stompbox style layout of the 70, any other advantages that would make me want to fork out for the 70 over the 25?

Also, how much of a difference does the valve in the tonelab make - does it have a similar effect as running the BOSS through a tube amp or is it just a slight difference/gimmick?

A plus for the Vox is that the tonelab has a really clear lookin tuner tuner, do the BOSS pedals have a comparable tuner? cuz ideally id like this to be my only pedal and get rid of my tuner.

Thanks for all the replies so fa anyway

Also, any opinions on what i should do about my amp situation?
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digitech's RP255 or higher is what you are looking for. check it out. it has eveything you've mentioned at more. run it though a PA or an amp. it doesn't care. just watch your levels on the amp or PA. i would recommend the 355 or higher because it has the stompbox mode.
I have looked at the RP355 and, wouthout actually trying it, it loks a bit complicated compares with, say, the ME 70 as it has less knobs (if that is at all logical). It also has some stuff that might get in the way - drum tracks for example
Boss ME70
Boss ME25
Digitech RP355

Youtube a few demos, see which one you like the best. Each will do the job you want and you can find them all for fairly good prices.
I think the ME70 looks like the best, I geuss ill save for a while and get that.
The only downsides I can see is that the ME25 has a nice "FREEZE" feature on the pedal which looks fun for droning a note n jammin but other than that it looks like the best in my price range.
Another issue is that Ive been told that the Tonelab ST sounds more natural and warmer than the others because of the tube in it - anyone have any experience with this? Nobody has addressed it so far so i geuss it isnt an amazing difference, just something all the advertisments and reviewers seem enthusiastic about
hmm, im not sure why this hasnt been brought up... Line 6 XT Live or X3 Live.
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I disregard boss mutlti fx. My and a friend's ME-50 broke, so did another friend's GT-8. And we treat our stuff well. Look at zoom, and behringer and line 6 are not half as bad as you'd think.
Tonelab St has very good cleans, I recommend it
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Thanks guys - going to get the ME70 in august.

New question - anyone who owns an ME70 ever used the harmonizer effect with a bass guitar?
I think it might track horribly but if it works it could be cool.
Get an fx which has has a usb option and can be used as an interface for amplitube, guitar rig, etc. The ones which have that, in your price range, are ME-25 and Tonelab ST, Zoom G2.1nu, RP155, RP255, RP355. ME70 does not have a usb port.
Zoom G7.1UT!! received one yesterday and am loving it..sounds good IMO..the 12Ax7 tube does make a difference..

plus the sampling frequency is 96KHz and thats higher than the RP355,ME25 and almost everything within that range

the interface is great and because of the seven footswitches,you dont have to go from patch to patch..you can just go from a fender clean pre amp model to a peavy 5150 halfstack with high gain

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