you should explain how you recorded it and what you used
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Not bad for first recordings. Decent sounding music but feels like its missing something. Like while listening I feel like I'm waiting for something else to happen and it doesn't. I think vocals are a necessity and would probably add greatly to the music.

Also, in my mind the difference between a professional-sounding recording and an amateur-sounding recording is the timing between the different instruments. Even minor differences can change the quality of the track. If your band works on getting the timing between the different instruments perfect in your recordings (through editing or being more mindful when playing) the quality will improve greatly

But overall good job. Keep playing and don't give up. Everybody isn't going to like your music, and it seems especially today many of the metal guys will trash anything that isn't metal.
yeah we were gonna shop this around hoping to find a vocalist... thanks though. i probably shoulda specified that its not metal. at all.