So I am now a high school graduate as of yesterday, but the school administration didn't want me to be. I had put a can of silly of string in my pocket under my gown and when we threw our hats in the air I sprayed silly string. Then I sprayed a little more just around on people as we were leaving. Seems like a little harmless celebration right? Well I went to go get my diploma from the gym since they don't actually give it to you on the stage. But to my surprise, the "head hancho" graduation lady had confiscated mine and was holding it. She then proceeded to bitch at me for a minute or two and say I couldn't have my diploma until I spoke with the principal. After this I had to break then news to my mom that I wasn't in possession of my diploma. I think she almost had a stroke, but she stormed into the gym with fire in her eyes and pretty much said what she has wanted to say to them for 4 years. I'll just cut it short and say I ended up with my diploma. They said the college (where we have graduation) may fine the class because silly string discolors the track, which is bullshit. But that was my graduation, just thought I'd share and maybe get some opinions or similar stories.



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always dope when a parent steps up to the plate for you

Sounds like a great time to be had and congrats on graduating!
Nice, that part about the charging you for the damage to the track is bullshit. It seems like a petty effort to get some revenge for having to give up your diploma. I don't know why school administrations and people in general are like this.
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Spraying silly string while hats are being thrown = Hilarious! Awesome! Cool!

Spraying it when everyone is trying to leave and get in pictures, etc. = Not so much.

I didn't spray it then, it was when we were walking off of the track and leaving our chairs. People wanted me to spray them lol. We had not meet up with friends, family, etc. yet
Good on your mom

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Someone snuck a blow up doll and beach balls at my graduation. We played volleyball and passed around the doll for buttsecks until one of the teachers popped them.
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Good on your mom

Ya, just for hilarity and perspective, she's only 5'1" and about 110 lbs. haha
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Someone snuck a blow up doll and beach balls at my graduation. We played volleyball and passed around the doll for buttsecks until one of the teachers popped them.

Ya, somebody had a beachball, but it got hit maybe twice before my ex-basketball coach, whom we shall refer to as Coach Assface to prevent his idea from becoming public, confiscated it.........he confiscated my bubbles too.... ....I did sneak a few of those in too though
At my older bro's graduation last year, some people brought a bunch of beach balls. Fun was had by all.

Congratulations on graduating though.
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