What you really need is a drummer

EDIT: OH, and the vocals were decent, but there's always room for improvement. I recommend checking out Backwards Marathon by Between the Buried and Me



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I thought your screaming was fine, but the drumming... Atleast get him to stay on tempo, even when he wasn't blatantly speeding up, it felt like he was pushing it way to much.

But yeah, screaming sounded pretty good in my opinion...were you going through a PA or a keyboard amp or what?
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That was pretty horrible.
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Keyboard amp.Yeah he struggled. It caused a lot of problems. I'm trying to decide if I should take another stab at screaming
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I agree with this guy
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I couldn't comment without a decent recording.
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Your screaming is perfectly fine if you guys want to play scene-core stuff (I mean this non-judgementally). If you're attempting to play metal, then the whole thing is off base.