Hello my name Is Hunter and I would like to learn to sweep pick. The only problem is I don't know where to go learn. I've watched some videos but I don't want to learn some bad habits I just want to know or find a video or book I could buy to start from scratch and show me how. Thanks, Hunter
your name is actually Hunter?
I cant remember how I started sweeping - just open a tab of a song you like and try and play it. After you have problems its usually easier for us to help :P
you should check out some Petrucci videos on youtube, they helped me alot, and also check out MAB and some free Tom Hess videos on sweep picking.

If your buying a DVD, then i'd definitely go with John Petrucci Rock Discipline or the MAB speed kills series.
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Look for guitargnosis on YouTube. This guys got about 5 or 6 videos dedicated sweep picking. Not only does he teach you different aroeggios and how to construct them from chords, but he also gets into the fine details like how to hold the pick and where to put your hand on the bridge. Since you're just starting, I guarantee this will help because he gives some good technique tips that you can practice correctly with.

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Yeah, look at some of those videos and instructions. One of my biggest problems when i was first learning to sweep pick was my left hand. So i stepped back and realized how much i neglected practiceing arpeggios. After practicing simple arpeggios for awhile, it made it much easier. Another tip, make sure that, since it is a different way of picking that you have your right and left hands synchronized also.